• Z                           Fire
  • X                          Jump
  • R                           Restart
  • Arrow Keys            Left & Right


This game is made in 48 hours and includes 5  Levels. 

game engine : Unity

Design / Art / Programming : Amir Saman Chenaghchi 

Music by : @ArcOfDream

Development log


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as a puzzle platformer I think it totally captures the essence of it. several problems worth mentioning:

* the jump in difficulty is a bit high between the last level and it's previous one, although it wasn't annoying.

* the jumps are very unpolished, I personally prefer the mario style of jumping in platformers, with some easing and different amount of jumps depending on how much you hold them. this felt closer to more modern platformers with less cared for jump mechanism

* the line to the door which the lever opens is a great design choice, it could be a bit bolder and more obvious, at first I thought there is a laser and I shouldn't touch it.

other than these, good job!

very cool. Im curious did you make themusic yourself?

i didnt even submit to this jam but was curious and youre the only one with a game. So thats cool i guess. Very cool though.