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Into The Coffin

 is a 2D classic platformer with a fun gameplay, unique art style . The game provides great experience from a retro 2d platformer on smart phones .

* Currently it includes 21 levels with unique level design at each one. 

* Hey dude, This build is completely Free . No Ads . No any in-purchase system , Move your Ass and Download it

Into The Coffin is developing and currently it's at alpha phase . Everything may change in any alpha version.  such as levels design or visual content. 

* It's completely FREE. There is no any commercial Ads and in-purchase system in the game. 

* Also all Music contents are just for testing and none of them belongs to the final version.

Install instructions

The current version of the site has builded for PC , just for play test. Final version only includes Smart Phones.


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very good game but there are some bugs in levels should fix

Thank you so much for your inputs, I'll try to fix the bugs in the next update